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Animal Ethics


Dr. Pradip Chakraborti 
Chief Scientist,
IMTECH, Chandigarh


Prof. C. S. Gautam
# 1105, Sector-32B, 
GMCH Doctors Residential 
Complex, Chandigarh

Main Nominee (Nominated by CPCSEA)

Dr. G. S. Bedi 
#21-Ekta Vihar, P.O. Khurla Kingra,  
Near Kuki Dhab, Mithapur Road, Jallandhar, Punjab

Link Nominee (In the event of non-availability of Prof. Gautam, Dr. Bedi may be called for the IAEC meeting) (Nominated by CPCSEA)

Ms. Payal Sodhi C/O PFA,  
House No. 1522, Sector 11D,Chandigarh

Socially Aware Member (Nominated by CPCSEA)

Prof. R. Tewari 
Centre for Microbial Biotechnology, Punjab University, Chandigarh

Scientist from outside Institute

Dr. Grish C. Varshney  
Chief Scientist, 
IMTECH, Chandigarh

Scientist from different biological discipline

Dr. Ashwani Kumar 
Senior Scientist, 
IMTECH Chandigarh

Scientist from different biological discipline

Dr. Sachin S. Raut 
IMTECH, Chandigarh


Dr. Neeraj Khatri 
Senior Scientist & In-Charge, Animal Facility, IMTECH, Chandigarh