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Dr. G.P.S.Raghava

Scientist and Head of BIC Centre

Institute of Microbial Technology

Sector 39-A, Chandigarh-160036 (India)

Phone: 172-2690557 or 172-2695215;

Fax:172-2690585 or 172-2690632

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Bioinformatics Centre has procured several software from general purpose to specific use  with commercial and/or academic licenses . Some of software at BIC are

  • Molecular Modeling: AMBER, GROMOS, CHARMM, BiomedCache, MODELER, Hex, AutoDock, Babel and Insight II.
  • Sequence and Structure Analysis: Wisconsin package, BLAST, CLUSTAL-W, PHYLIP, DSSP, CE and SSAP
  • Statistical Analysis: SPSS, Stastica and R
  • Molecular Graphics: Rasmol, Midas Plus, Swiss PDB viewer, MOLMOL and MOLSCRIPT.
  • Artificial Intelligence: SNNS and Support Vector Machine
  • Database: Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Graphs and Graphics: Sigma Plot, GNU Plot, Corel Draw and Adobe PhotoShop
  • Document Publishing and Presentation: Adobe Suite,  MS Office, Reference Manager and Star Office.
  • Hindi publishing: Hindi Software Tools, Akshar for Windows and LeapOffice 2000.
  • Web designing: Adobe Illustrator, Front Page, Page Maker, MS Publisher and Macromedia Dreamweaver.
  • Anti-virus Software: Norton AntiVirus, MacAfee Virus Scan and Kaspersky
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows: Advance server 2003, 2000 Professional, XP, Vista, windows-7. Red Hat Enterprise Edition Advanced Server, SGI IRIX, Solaris 10, Suse Enterprise and Cent OS and Darwin XServe2.