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Chief Scientist:

Dr. C.R. Suri



Contact Address

2nd Floor,
Main Building


Biosensor Development.


Development of enzymatic and antibody based biosensors for clinical / environmental applicationsSynthesis of nanoparticles (inorganic, polymer and semiconductor) for immunodiagnosis and therapeutic applications.Design and development of antibody based immunobiosensors for monitoring various organic/inorganic/biomolecular substances.Expertise and Synergistic Activities: Generation of specific antibodies (IgG and IgY types) and aptamers against toxins (pesticides, aflatoxin etc), narcotic drugs (heroin, morphine, cocaine etc.) and surface antigens (outer membrane protein, biomarkers etc) for clinical diagnosis.Optimization of biomolecular immobilization techniques for a stable coupling of the antibodies to the transducer surface without comprising their biological activity.Characterization of the bio-interface upto the molecular resolution by different physical techniques, such as Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM), Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), Ellipsometer etc.

Development and standardization of immunobiosensors systems (Optical, Microgravimetric, Micromechanical, Microfluidic and Dipstick)Stability analysis of immobilized enzyme/antibody for biosensor probes and Synthesis of nanoparticles (inorganic, semicoductor and polymer based ) for immunodiagnosis and therapeutic applications.

Major Publications

  • Yogesh Nangia, NishimaWangoo, Saurabh Sharma, Jin-Song Wu, Vinayak Dravid, G S Shekhawat, and C Raman Suri*(2009) Facile biosynthesis of phosphate capped goldnanoparticles by a bacterial isolate Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaAppl. Phys. Lett. 94, 233901.
  • I. PutuMahendra Wijaya, Sonu Gandhi, Tey JuNie, Nishima Wangoo, Isabel Rodriguez, G. Shekhawat, C. Raman Suri*, and Subodh G. Mhaisalkar* (2009) Protein/carbon nanotubes interaction: The effect ofcarboxylic groups on conformational and conductance changes. Appl. Phy. Letter, 95, 073704 .
  • Fazlurrahman*, M. Batra*,J. Pandey, C.R. Suri and R.K. Jain (2009) Isolation and characterization of anatrazine-degrading Rhodococcus sp. strain MB-P1 from contaminated soil. Letters in Applied Microbiology. 49 721–729.
  • Sonu Gandhi, Neena Caplashb, Prince Sharma, C. RamanSuri* (2009). Strip-based immunochromatographic assay using specific egg yolkantibodies for rapid detection of morphine in urine samples. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 25, 502–505.
  • Robin C. Boro, K. Vikas Singh and C. Raman Suri* (2009). Characterization of Hapten-Protein Conjugates:Antibody Generation and Immunoassay Development for Chlorophenoxyacetic AcidPesticides J. AOAC Int. 92(6), 1773.