मुख्य मेनू

S.No. Title Description Download
1 Web Tender Ultrafiltration/ microfiltration system, membrane filtration system Webtender.doc
2 IND 13098 Sonicator IND13098-Sonicator.pdf
3 IND 12581 Walky Talky IND12581-WalkyTalky.pdf
4 IND 13202 High Speed Centrifuge IND_13202.pdf
5 Tender 13097 Orbital Incubator Shaker IND13097-OrbitalIncubatorShaker.pdf
6 NIT No.16/2009 NIT.doc
7 Advt. No. Pur-38/2010 Pre-Indent Notice Pre-indentnotice.doc
8 Tender Advt. No. Pur-37/2010 TenderClearingagent.doc
9 Tender 37 Appointment of Custom Clearance Agent Tender-37-2010_new.doc
10 Tender 11667 Incubator Shaker Multi Stackable IND11167-IncubatorShaker_MultiStackable_.pdf
11 Tender 12002 Electrochemical Analyzer with necessary software Tender12002.doc
12 Open/Global Tender PUR/2009-10/IND12010 OpenTender36_modified.pdf
13 IND11990 UV VIS Spectrophotometer IND11990-UVVISSpectrophotometer.pdf
14 IND11598 Tensiometer IND11598-tensiometer.pdf
15 Tender 05/2010 Work of Replacement of Air Handling Units Tender_5_2010.pdf
16 IND 12017 Bioreactor with illumination facility IND12017Bioreactor.pdf
17 Tender 35 Ultra Deep Freezer, High Volume Refrigerated Centrifuge OpenTender35.doc
18 Tender 34 Pre-Bid Conference (Advt. No. Pur - 34 / 2010) Tender34.doc
19 Tender-11122 High speed refrigerated centrifuge Tender-11122.doc
20 Tender Pure Steam Generator 11219-PureSteamGenerator.pdf
21 Advt 34/2010 Pre-Indent Conference Tender34.doc
22 Tender 33 Modular Data Centre Tender_33.pdf
23 Tender 33 Modular Data Centre Tender_33.doc
24 Tender NOTICE INVITING TENDER No. 03/2010 AdvtNo-3-2010.doc
25 Advt No 3/2010 Work of flooring & wall coating etc. Advt_No_3_2010.doc
26 Advt. No. Pur-30/2009 Tender Clearing agent TenderClearingagent.pdf
27 Tender 10783 Rotational Vacuum Concentrator IND10783RotationalVacuumConcentrator.pdf
28 Tender Request for Proforma Invoice for Fluorescence microscope Tender11306.doc
29 Tender Liquid Nitrogen Storage System 10533-LiquidNitrogenStorageSystem.pdf
30 Tender Tender for Courier Services at IMTECH CourierServicesTender.pdf
31 Tender Tender for Deep Freezer_-150_ & Refrigerated Incubator Shaker.pdf TenderforDeepFreezer_-150_RefrigeratedIncubatorShaker.pdf
32 Tender Open Tender No. 32 OpenTenderNo.32.pdf
33 Tender Disposal of Scrap 20091029172832_Disposal_of_Scrap.pdf
34 NIT 15/2009 Construction of Temporary shed for dinning purpose in front of dinning hall of Student mess in IMTECH 20091013093641_NIT_15_2009.doc
35 NIT 14/2009 Annual Maintenance & Inspection service for Central Air Conditioning Plant 20091009141344_NIT-Advt.No.14-2009.doc
36 IND10316 Spectrofluorometer 20091008123814_IND10316-Spectrofluorometer.pdf
37 Tender For Various Equipments 20091008095849_Tender_for_Various_Equipments.pdf
38 IND10495 Controlled temp stackable shaker 20091008095803_IND10495-Controlled_temp_stackableshaker.pdf
39 NIT Advt 12 2009(Creation of state of Art Laboratory) 20091008095634_NIT_ADVT_12_2009.pdf
40 Tender Rate Contract Tender 20091008095918_RATE_CONTRACT_TENDER.pdf
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