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Senior Scientist :

Dr. Ramya T.N.C



Contact Address

Room No. 302A, Third Floor,
Molecular Glycobiology Lab,
Main Building


Glycan-binding proteins, glycosyltransferases and glycoconjugates.


The broad research interests of our group are in the interface of glycobiology and molecular biology with specific emphasis on elucidating molecular details involving glycoconjugate-lectin interactions in various biological phenomena. Past and ongoing research projects include understanding the ligand binding specificity of intelectins, understanding the glycan-binding specificity and targeting functions of microbial F-type lectin domains, exploring the taxonomic diversity and carbohydrate-active proteins of the human gut microbiome in Indian individuals from different geographic regions and dietary habits, biochemical studies on microbial flagellin O-glycosyltransferases and alginate lyases, and, expression and characterization of sialyltransferases for synthesis of medically relevant oligosaccharides.

Major Publications

  • SKhatri, I., Sharma, S., Ramya, T.N., Subramanian, S. (2016) Complete genomes of Bacillus coagulans S-ac and Bacillus subtilis TO-A JPC, two phylogenetically distinct probiotics. PloS one. 11(6), e0156745.
  • Bishnoi, R., Khatri, I., Subramanian, S., Ramya, T.N. (2015) Prevalence of the F-type lectin domain. Glycobiology. 25(8), 888-901.
  • CKhatri, I., Akhtar, A., Kaur, K., Tomar, R., Prasad, G.S., Ramya, T.N., Subramanian, S. (2013) Gleaning evolutionary insights from the genome sequence of a probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii. Gut. Pathog. 5(1), 30.
  • Ramya, T.N., Weerapana, E., Cravatt, B.F., Paulson, J.C. (2012) Glycoproteomics enabled by tagging sialic acid or galactose terminated glycans. Glycobiology. 23(2), 211-21.
  • Ramya, T.N., Weerapana, E., Liao, L., Zeng, Y., Tateno, H., Liao, L., Han, S., Yates, J.R., Cravatt, B.F., Paulson, J.C. (2010) In situ trans ligands of CD22 identified by glycan-protein photocross-linking-enabled proteomics, Mol. Cell. Proteomics 9(6), 1339-1351.
  • Zeng, Y.*, Ramya, T.N.*, Dirksen, A., Dawson, P.E., Paulson, J.C. (2009) High efficiency labeling of glycoproteins on living cells. Nat. Methods. 6(3), 207-209. (*Joint first authors)