Senior Principal Scientist :

Dr. V.C. Sonawane




Exploration of microbial diversity, fermentation, enzyme technology, drug discovery, scale-up.


Project 1 : Development of a novel bioreactor system for production of IMTECH-laccase and verification of commercial viability of IMTECH process: Laccase is a multi-copper oxidase enzymes which can oxidize diverse kind of phenolic and some non phenolic compounds. A novel and potent strain of laccase producing fungus has been isolated. The laccase produced by this strain is a high redox potential laccase and is capable of bleaching various textile dyes including indigo.

Project 2. Investigations on a Quorum Sensing Inhibitor QSI isolated from Actinomycetes strain 671 A novel Streptomyces producing Quorum Sensing Inhibitor(QSI) has been isolated. QSI are being investigated as the adjunct therapy to combat virulence of pathogens without challenging their survival.

Major Publications

  • Sonawane, V.C. Jolly, R. S., and Vohra, R.M. (1996) Cephalosporin modification:An extracellular glutaryl-7-ACA acylase from Bacillus sp. Biotechnol. Letts.18, 965-968.
  • Sonawane, V.C. (2005) A mini-scale method for assay of D-amino acid oxidase activity in Trigonopsis variabilis against cephalosporin C. Biocatal Biotransfor, 23,117-121.
  • Sonawane V.C. (2006) Enzymatic modifications of cephalosporin by cephalosporin acylase and other enzymes. Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, 26 (2), 95-120.
  • Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and toxicity studies of N,N-disubstituted biguanides as quorum sensing inhibitors. (2015) Shaminder Singh, Pravin J. Wanjari, Sonam Bhatia, Vijay C. Sonawane, Asit K. Chakraborti, Prasad V. Bharatam Med. Chem. Res. 24, 1974-1987.


Lab Members