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Name of the Student Title of Thesis Guide Batch Year
Mr. K.K. Balasubramanian Plasma Membrane Phospholipid Organisation and Dynamics Yeast Cells. Dr. C.M. Gupta 1996
Ms. Meenal Joshi Regulation of Bacterial Globin Gene expression and Hemoglobin Production. Dr. K.L. Dikshit 1996
Mr. Gurjit Singh Molecular Cloning and Expression of the Gene Coding for Thermostable Alpha- Amylase of a Thermophilic Bacterial Isolate Dr. T. Chakrabarti 1995
Mr. Mohd Owais Liposome As Carrier of Drugs and Antigens Dr. C.M. Gupta 1995
Ms. Suveena Sharma Studies on the Phenomenon of Slow Lactose Fermentation in Vibrio Cholerae Dr. Amit Ghosh 1995
Mr. Arvinder M. Singh Drug Delivery Through Immunobiological Approach Dr. G.C. Varshney
Mr. Aneesh Joshi Regulation of the Activation of T Helper Cells By Membrane Associated Molecules from Antigen Presenting Cell Dr. G.C. Mishra 1993
Ms. Archna Bhatnagar Regulation of T Helper 2 Cells : Role of Membrane Associated Molecule(s) of Antigen Presenting Cell Dr. G.C. Mishra 1993
Mr. Sunil Kaul Molecular and Genetic Studies of Propane/ Butane Utilizing Bacteria. Dr. T. Chakrabarti 1992
Mr. D. Venugopal Nair Utilization of Gaseous Alkanes by Bacteria Dr. T. Chakrabarti 1991
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