Handling of Complaints of Sexual Harassment

Click here for the details of Committee under Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

Contact details of the Presiding Officer & Members of ICC of this Institute:

1. Dr. (Ms.) Alka Sehgal, Professor (Presiding Officer, ICC)    Official Address:- Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Sector - 32, Chandigarh Contact No.9646121579, Email ID: alkasehgal@rediffmail.com

2. Dr. Dibyendu Sarkar, Chief Scientist (Member)  Official Address:- CSIR-IMTECH, Sector - 39A, Chandigarh-160036. Contact No. (Office) - 0172-2880258, Mob: 9872791155, Email ID: dibyendu@imtech.res.in  

3. Dr. (Ms.) Neeru, Senior Hindi Officer (Member)   Official Address:- CSIR-IMTECH, Sector - 39A, Chandigarh-160036, Contact No. 9815968852, Email ID: neeru@imtech.res.in  

4. Ms. Manjit Kaur, Advocate Punjab & Haryana High Court & District Court, Chandigarh (External Member)  Official Address:- Chamber No. 48, Lawyers Chamber, District Court Complex, Sector - 43, Chandigarh   Contact No. - 9814234678, Email ID: kaurmanjit57145@gmail.com 

5. Sh. Shankar Das Rishi, Administrative Officer (Member)   Official Address:- CSIR-IMTECH, Sector - 39A, Chandigarh-160036. Contact No. (Office) - 0172-2880102, Mob: 8894762022, Email ID: shankar@imtech.res.in 

Procedure for submitting online complaints

Relevant Rules & Regulations and Internal Policies regarding complaints of Sexual Harassment