Senior Principal Scientist :

Dr. Ashish



Contact Address

Ashish, PhD
Senior Principal Scientist
GNR Protein Centre
Sec 39A Chandigarh 160036 INDIA
Phone: 01726665472
Fax: 01722690632


Biophysical Chemistry; SAXS; Shape Restoration


Using SAXS and molecular modeling, my interest is to decipher shape /association order of protein(s) and their complexes of value. Prime interests include bonsai version of actin assembly regulating protein- gelsolin, peptides which modulate shape/association changes in human CD4, next-gen versions of tissue plasminogen activators and peptide-based vaccines. Initial data from SAXS based understanding of solution shapes of some large order assemblies are to be further understood by Cryo-EM based tomography.


  • Aptamers for purifying and quantifying gelsolin and its variants WO2016056028A22. 
  • A process for the preparation of bio-organic coated gold and silver nanoparticles using blue light WO2016157220A13. 
  • In vitro method for detecting active mycobacterium tuberculosis using hair small angle x-ray scattering profile WO2108096557A1

Major Publications

  • Garg, R., Peddada, N., Dolma, K., Khatri, N., and Ashish. (2018) Pregnancy-related hormones, progesterone and human chorionic gonadotrophin, upregulate expression of maternal plasma gelsolin, American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology 314, R509-R5222. 
  • Badmalia, M. D., Sharma, P., Yadav, S. P. S., Singh, S., Khatri, N., Garg, R., and Ashish. (2018) Bonsai Gelsolin Survives Heat Induced Denaturation by Forming beta-Amyloids which Leach Out Functional Monomer, Scientific reports 8, 126023. 
  • Sagar, A., Haleem, N., Bashir, Y. M., and Ashish. (2017) Search for non-lactam inhibitors of mtb beta-lactamase led to its open shape in apo state: new concept for antibiotic design, Scientific reports 7, 62044. 
  • Badmalia, M. D., Singh, S., Garg, R., and Ashish. (2017) Visualizing Temperature Mediated Activation of Gelsolin and Its Deactivation By Pip2: A Saxs Based Study, Scientific reports 7, 46705.
  • Albert, S. K., Sivakumar, I., Golla, M., Thelu, H. V. P., Krishnan, N., K, L. J., Ashish, and Varghese, R. (2017) DNA-Decorated Two-Dimensional Crystalline Nanosheets, Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 17799-17802