Chief Scientist:

Dr. Ashish



Contact Address

Ashish, PhD
Chief Scientist
GNR Protein Centre
Sec 39A Chandigarh 160036 INDIA
Phone: 01726665472
Fax: 01722690632


Biophysical Chemistry; SAXS; Shape Restoration


Using SAXS and molecular modeling, my interest is to decipher shape /association order of protein(s) and their complexes of value. Prime interests include bonsai version of actin assembly regulating protein- gelsolin, peptides which modulate shape/association changes in human CD4, next-gen versions of tissue plasminogen activators and peptide-based vaccines. Initial data from SAXS based understanding of solution shapes of some large order assemblies are to be further understood by Cryo-EM based tomography.


  • Aptamers for purifying and quantifying gelsolin and its variants WO2016056028A22. 
  • A process for the preparation of bio-organic coated gold and silver nanoparticles using blue light WO2016157220A13. 
  • In vitro method for detecting active mycobacterium tuberculosis using hair small angle x-ray scattering profile WO2108096557A1
  • A non-invasive and remote method to screen cancer WO2019186577A1

Major Publications

  • Kumar, I., Sagar, A., Dhiman, K., Bethel, C. R., Hujer, A. M., Carifi, J., Ashish, and Bonomo, R. A. (2023) Insights into dynamic changes in ADC-7 and P99 cephalosporinases using small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS). Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics, 1-13
  • Chauhan, N. K., Anand, A., Sharma, A., Dhiman, K., Gosain, T. P., Singh, P., Singh, P., Khan, E., Chattopadhyay, G., Kumar, A., Sharma, D., Ashish, Sharma, T. K., and Singh, R. (2023) Structural and Functional Characterization of Rv0792c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Identifying Small Molecule Inhibitor against HutC Protein. Microbiol Spectr 11, e0197322
  • Goel, N., Dhiman, K., Kalidas, N., Mukhopadhyay, A., Ashish, and Bhattacharjee, S. (2022) Plasmodium falciparum Kelch13 and its artemisinin-resistant mutants assemble as hexamers in solution: a SAXS data-driven modelling study. The FEBS journal 289, 4935-4962
  • Ashish. (2022) Visualizing how inclusion of higher reciprocal space in SWAXS data analysis improves shape restoration of biomolecules: case of lysozyme. Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics 40, 12975-12989
  • Vasudeva, G., Sidhu, C., Kalidas, N., Ashish, and Pinnaka, A. K. (2021) Shape-function of a novel metapyrocatechase, RW4-MPC: Metagenomics to SAXS data based insight into deciphering regulators of function. Int J Biol Macromol 188, 1012-1024
  • Tamrakar, A., Singh, R., Kumar, A., Makde, R. D., Ashish, and Kodgire, P. (2021) Biophysical characterization of the homodimers of HomA and HomB, outer membrane proteins of Helicobacter pylori. Scientific reports 11, 24471
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  • Kapoor, S., Kodesia, A., Kalidas, N., Ashish, and Thakur, K. G. (2021) Structural characterization of Myxococcus xanthus MglC, a component of the polarity control system, and its interactions with its paralog MglB. J Biol Chem, 100308
  • Singh, P., Khurana, H., Yadav, S. P., Dhiman, K., Ashish, Singh, R., and Sharma, D. (2020) Biochemical characterization of ClpB protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and identification of its small-molecule inhibitors, Int J Biol Macromol 165, 375-387. 
  • Khanam, T., Afsar, M., Shukla, A., Alam, F., Kumar, S., Soyar, H., Dolma, K., Pasupuleti, M., Srivastava, K. K., Ampapathi, R. S., and Ramachandran, R. (2020) M. tuberculosis class II apurinic/ apyrimidinic-endonuclease/3-5 exonuclease (XthA) engages with NAD+-dependent DNA ligase A (LigA) to counter futile cleavage and ligation cycles in base excision repair, Nucleic acids research 48, 4325-4343. 
  • Kaur, N., Sagar, A., Sharma, P., Ashish, and Pati, P. K. (2020) Structural insights into rice SalTol QTL located SALT protein, Scientific reports 10, 16589. 
  • Dhiman, K., Nath, S. K., and Ashish. (2020) Monomeric human soluble CD4 dimerizes at physiological temperature: VTSAXS data based modeling and screening of retardant molecules, Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics, 1-12. 
  • Choudhary, P., Badmalia, M. D., Ashish, and Rao, A. (2020) Shape-function insights into bifunctional O-GlcNActransferase of Listeria monocytogenes EGD-e, Glycobiology . 
  • Garg, R., Peddada, N., Dolma, K., Khatri, N., and Ashish. (2018) Pregnancy-related hormones, progesterone and human chorionic gonadotrophin, upregulate expression of maternal plasma gelsolin, American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology 314, R509-R5222. 
  • Badmalia, M. D., Sharma, P., Yadav, S. P. S., Singh, S., Khatri, N., Garg, R., and Ashish. (2018) Bonsai Gelsolin Survives Heat Induced Denaturation by Forming beta-Amyloids which Leach Out Functional Monomer, Scientific reports 8, 126023. 
  • Sagar, A., Haleem, N., Bashir, Y. M., and Ashish. (2017) Search for non-lactam inhibitors of mtb beta-lactamase led to its open shape in apo state: new concept for antibiotic design, Scientific reports 7, 62044. 
  • Badmalia, M. D., Singh, S., Garg, R., and Ashish. (2017) Visualizing Temperature Mediated Activation of Gelsolin and Its Deactivation By Pip2: A Saxs Based Study, Scientific reports 7, 46705.
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