Senior Principal Scientist :

Dr. Barnali Chaudhuri



Contact Address

Room No. 303,
3rd Floor, Lab 303


Integrative or Hybrid Structural Biology, Crystallograohy, Small angle solution scattering (SAXS).


Chaudhuri received her PhD in the area of protein crystallography with Prof. Alwyn Jones, at the Uppsala University, Sweden. She worked with Prof. Janet Smith, Purdue University, on biosynthetic enzymes with substrate tunnels, and with Prof. Todd Yeates, UCLA, as a part of the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Structural Genomics consortium.
Later, she started her own lab at the Hauptman-Woodward Institute, Buffalo, and initiated her research program to study bacterial chromosomal origin segregation motors using an integrative or hybrid approach. Latter, she taught at the South Asian University (SAARC), New Delhi, before joining IMTECH in 2015 to continue her research program.

Major Publications (2016-2017)

  • Chaudhuri BN, Gupta, S., Urban, V. S., Chance, M. R., D'Mello, R. Smith, R., Lyons, K. and Gee, J. (2011) A combined global and local approach to elucidate spatial organization of the mycobacterial ParB-parS partition assembly. Biochemistry, 50 (11), 1799-807.
  • Chaudhuri, BN, Chan, S., Perry, J. and Yeates, TO. (2004) Crystal structure of the apo forms of   55 tRNA pseudouridine synthase from M. Tuberculosis: a hinge at the base of the catalytic cleft. J Biol Chem. 279, 24585 – 91.
  • Chaudhuri, BN, Sawaya M, Kim CY, Waldo GS, Park MS, Terwilliger TC and Yeates, TO. (2003) The Crystal structure of the first enzyme in the pantothenate biosynthetic pathway, ketopantoate hydroxymethyltransferase, from M. Tuberculosis. Structure, 11, 753-64.
  •  Chaudhuri BN, Lange SC, Myers RS, Chittur SV, Davisson VJ and Smith JL.  (2001) Crystal Structure of Imidazole Glycerol Phosphate Synthase: A Tunnel through a (b/a)8 Barrel Joins Two Active Sites. Structure,  10, 987-97.
  • Chaudhuri BN, Kleywegt GJ, Bjorkman J, Lehman-McKeeman LD, Oliver JD, Jones TA.  (1999) The structures of alpha 2u-globulin and its complex with a hyaline droplet inducer. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 55, 753-62.

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