Principal Scientist:

Dr. Mani Shankar Bhattacharyya




Fermentation, Biocatalysis, Nano-material, Drug delivery.


Current research of my group is focused on the development of antifungal nanotherapeutics using self-assembling property of biomolecules. Biosurfactants produced by fermentation on low cost medium are used for developing nano-assemblies. They are further characterized and used to check the antifungal activity. Various physical, biochemical, cellular and molecular biological tools along with microscopy is being used to decipher the action mechanism of these novel antifunfals. We are also engaged in developing biocatalytic tools for decorating biosurfactants with new functionality and activity. My previous research experience includes biocatalytic production of pharmaceutical intermediates, development of strategies for biocatalyst immobilization, Biodiesel production and use of nano-structured inorganic materials for biotechnological applications.

Major Publications

  • Haque, F., Alfatah, Md., Ganesan, K., and Bhattacharyya M. S.*, (2016), Inhibitory Effect of Sophorolipid on Candida albicans Biofilm Formation and Hyphal Growth. Sci. Report. 6, 23575.
  • Sharma, N., Pinnaka, A. K., Raje, M., Fnu, Ashish., Bhattacharyya, M. S., Choudhury, A. R., (2012), Exploitation of marine bacteria for production of gold nanoparticles. Microbial Cell Factory. 20, 11, 86.
  • Bhattacharyya, M. S., Hiwale, P., Piras, M., Medda, L., Steri, D., Piludu, M., Salis, A., and Monduzzi M., (2010), Lysozyme adsorption and release from ordered mesoporous materials. J. Phys. Chem.: C, 114, 19928–19934.
  • Salis, A., Bhattacharyya, M. S., and Monduzzi M. (2010), Specific ion effects on adsorption of lysozyme on functionalized SBA-15 mesoporous silica. J. Phys. Chem.: B, 114, 7996–8001.
  • Bhattacharyya, M. S., Singh, A., and Banerjee, U. C., (2010) Immobilization of intracellular carbonyl reductase from Geotrichum candidum for stereoselective reduction of 1-napthyl ketone. Bioresource. Technol. 101, 1581-1586.

Lab Members