Senior Principal Scientist :

Dr. Neeraj Khatri



Contact Address

Room No. AH 001, Ground Floor,
Animal Facility,


Veterinary Sciences, Biotechnology.


Current focus of our research group is development and standardization of animal models of dengue, infection (s), and iron deficiency anemia and testing of novel targets for their therapeutic activities in these models. Our lab has done extensive studies to establish therapeutic role of gelsolin in inflammation, diabetes, wound healing etc. Besides this, we are also interested to study the efficacy of thrombolytic drugs developed in IMTECH (new derivatives of SK/tPA/gelsolin) in improving thrombosis and stroke recovery in animal models. We welcome students/research fellows who are interested in learning and contributing to the advancement in these areas to join our group in IMTECH.

Major Publications

  • Gujar, R., Maurya, N., Yadav, V., Gupta, M., Arora, S., Khatri, N. and Sen P. (2016). c-Src Suppresses Dendritic Cell Antitumor Activity via T Cell Ig and Mucin Protein-3 Receptor. J Immunol. 197(5):1650-62.
  • Gautam, A., Nanda, J. S., Samuel, J. S., Kumari, M., Priyanka, P., Bedi, G., Nath, S. K., Mittal, G., Khatri, N., Raghava, G. P. (2016). Topical Delivery of Protein and Peptide Using Novel Cell Penetrating Peptide IMT-P8. Sci Rep. 18(6):26278.
  • Baindara, P., Chaudhry, V., Mittal, G., Liao, L. M., Matos, C. O., Khatri, N., Franco, O. L., Patil, P. B. and Korpole, S. (2015). Characterization of the Antimicrobial Peptide Penisin, a Class Ia Novel Lantibiotic from Paenibacillus sp. Strain A3. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 16;60(1):580-91.
  • Gupta, A. K., Parasar, D., Sagar, A., Choudhary, V., Chopra, B. S., Garg, R., Ashish and Khatri N. (2015) Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Gelsolin in Acetic Acid Induced Writhing, Tail Immersion and Carrageenan Induced Paw Edema in Mice. PLoS One. 14;10(9):e0135558.
  • Khatri, N., Sagar, A., Peddada, N., Choudhary, V., Chopra, B. S., Garg, V., Garg, R. and Ashish. (2014). Plasma gelsolin levels decrease in diabetic state and increase upon treatment with F-actin depolymerizing versions of gelsolin. J Diabetes Res. 10.1155/2014/152075.

Lab Members