Principal Scientist:

Dr. Vijayender Bhalla




Diagnostics, Biosensors, Nanotechnology, Cardiac biomarkers, Salmonella, Small molecules Immunodetection.


Our research focuses on detection technologies using nanomaterials for a range of analytes i.e. blood biomarkers, pathogens, pesticides and small molecules. The currently undergoing projects include Point of care detection of cardiac biomarker peptides using natural and synthetic receptors (aptamers) on nanostructured electrochemical based biochips. We also work on Purification and characterization of surface biomarkers to enable selective detection of water borne pathogens. We develop new kinds of optical and electrochemical immunoassays for pathogen detection in food and water samples. We synthesise different kinds of nanoparticles, nanoclusters, carriers, haptens, bioconjugates and work on biointerface development to enable low-cost diagnostics.

Major Publications

  • Singh, P., Gupta, R., Sinha, M., Kumar, R., and Bhalla, V. (2016) MoS2 based digital response platform for aptamer based fluorescent detection of pathogens. Microchim. Acta. 183 (4), 1501-1506.
  • Chopra, A., Rawat, S., Bhalla, V., and Suri. C. R. (2014)Point‐of‐Care amperometric testing of diabetic marker (HbA1c) using specific electroactive antibodies. Electroanalysis. 26 (3), 469-472.
  • Chopra, A., Tuteja, S., Sachdeva, N., Bhasin, K. K., Bhalla, V. Suri, C. R. (2013) CdTe nanobioprobe based optoelectrochemical immunodetection of diabetic marker HbA1c. Biosens. Bioelectron. 44, 132-135.
  • Bhalla, V., Carrara, S., Sharma, P., Nangia, Y., Suri, C R., (2012) Gold nanoparticles mediated label-free capacitance detection of cardiac troponin I. Sens. Actuators B: Chem. 161 (1), 761-768.
  • Bhalla, V., Zazubovich, V. (2012) Immobilization and nanoscale film structure of bacterial reaction centers on gold. Surf. Sci. 606 (15), 1323-1326.

Lab Members