Principal Scientist:

Mr. E. Senthil Prasad



Contact Address

First Floor, BERPDC Department,


Bioprocess Development.


Our research interest is in recombinant E-coli and Recombinant Yeast fermentation for the production of Bacteriorhodopsin and antigen production in Lab scale fermenters. Our team focuses on shake flask media optimization, Bioreactor process optimization, and Large-scale Purification to increase the yield of the Biomolecules. The product of interest ranges from Therapeutic Proteins, Enzymes, Nutraceuticals like Xylitol, Erythritol, Fructooligosaccharides and probiotics. We are developing educational teaching kits for school childrens and teachers to understand the Microbial life in extreme environments. Apart from our research activities, we are involved in Bio-Incubator Fermentation facility for Inhouse and Industrial Projects.

Major Publications

  • Astha, S., Prasad, E.S., and Harsh, C., (2016) Photon Induced separation of bionano hybrid complex based on carbon nanotubes and optically active bacteriorhodopsin. Opt Mater Express.6, 986-992.
  • Kumar, K., Bagchi., S., Prasad, E.S., Sharma, A.,Kumar,R.,Kaur,R.,Singh,J., and Bhondekar,A.,(2016) Beilstein J Nanotechnol. 7, 501-510.
  • Sharma, P., Bhalla, V., Dravid, G., Shekhawat., Wu, J., Prasad, E.S., and Suri, R.,(2012) Scientific Reports. 2, 887.