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National Training Programme

Computational Analysis of Protein Structures (CAPS)

9th  to 13th  December, 2019

Bioinformatics centre at CSIR-IMTECH is organizing a training programme to familiarize and train the participants in computational techniques on Biomacromolecular structures. This programme shall enable participants to get advanced training in the field of bioinformatics and prepare them for their career.

There are limited seats in this training programme. Candidates shall be selected on the basis of recommendation letter and write-up uploaded by them. Selected candidates will be intimated by email separately detailing about fee submission and other related formalities. Registration form will be considered if it is complete in all respects i.e. registration form accompanied by letter of recommendation and one page write-up.


Who can attend

PhD student or Project Fellow/Assistant or University/College Faculty/Staff/Scientist/Research Associate or equivalent can apply to participate in this training programme.


It will include expert lectures as well as practical sessions employing in sillico techniques on the following.

  • Comparison of protein structures.
  • Prediction of 3D structures of proteins
  • Molecular modeling and simulation
  • Docking of proteins
  • Sequence-Structure- Function- Disease


Head, Bioinformatics Centre,
CSIR - Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH), Sector 39-A, Chandigarh
Phone: 0172-6665452; Fax no.: 0172-2690632
E-mail: bvs@imtech.res.in


Prof TP Singh, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Prof N Srinivasan, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Prof R Sowdhamini, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru

Dr  Ashutosh Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai

Dr  Shashi Bhushan Pandit, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali

Dr  Ehesan Ali, Institute of Nano Science & Technology, Mohali

Dr Amit Nargotra, CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu

Dr  Manoj Kumar, CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh

Dr  Ashish, CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh

Dr  Krishan Gopal, CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh

Dr Beena Krishnan, CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh

Dr Anshu Bhardwaj, CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh

Dr S Srikrishna, CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh

Mr Chander Shekhar Sharma, CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh

Dr Balvinder Singh, CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh


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9th December, 2019

09:00          Registration

09:30          Introduction to Training Programme – B Singh

09:35          Welcome –Director, CSIR-IMTECH

09:40          Bioinformatics Centre at IMTECH: Highlights and Introduction of Speaker – S Srikrishna

09:45          Protein structure to Bioinformatics to Drug Discovery– TP Singh

10:30          High Tea

11:00          Computational analysis of protein-protein interactions – R Sowdhamini

12:00          Revisiting India's pride: The Ramachandran map - all over again – N Srinivasan 

13:00          Lunch

14:00          Bridging the islands of protein families in sequence space using artificial sequences – N Srinivasan

14:45          Introduction to Linux/UNIX – C Sharma/A Yadav

15:30          Tea

16:00          Installation of Linux – Demo -Hands on Session – C Sharma/A Yadav

20:00          Dinner


10th December, 2019

09:30          A Talk by K Gopal

10:15          Demo and Hands on session – K Gopal

11:00          Tea

11:30          Merging low resolution (SAXS) information with low confidence (MD or modeling) data to understand proteins - Ashish

12:15          Landscape of intra-chain domain-domain Interfaces – SB Pandit

13:00          Lunch

14:00          Demo and Hands on session – SB Pandit         

16:00          Tea

16:30          Demo and Hands on Session – Ashish

20:00          Dinner


11th December, 2019

09:30          Computational mutagenesis reveals amino acids that play a role in the entry of ion in active site of DHBPS: Mechanistic insights from MD Simulations – B Singh

10:15          Modeling Protein Structures – Demo cum-Lecture– S Beriwal

11:00          Tea

11:30          Demo and Hands on Session – B Singh

12:15          In Silico Investigations of Antimalarial Activities of Artemisinin: A Bi-radical Perspective – Ehesan Ali

13:00          Lunch

14:00          Demo and Hands on Session – Ehesan Ali

15:30          Tea

16:00          Demo and Hands on Session – Ehesan Ali

20:00          Dinner


12th December, 2019

 09:30            Quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) models development using machine learning for antiviral drug discover Talk - M Kumar

10:15            Application of cheminformatics in drug discovery– A Nargotra

11:00            Tea

11:30            Protein Sequence Structure function Analysis:  Noteworthy examples of Zn finger proteins by S Srikrishna

12:15            Demo and Hands on session – A Nargotra

13:00            Lunch

14:00            Tour to IMTECH facilities- Virtual Reality and 3D Printing – Demo- S Srikrishna

15:30            Tea

16:00            Demo and Hands on Session – A Nargotra

20:00            Dinner


13th December, 2019

 09:30            Dynamic Hybrid Pharmacophore Approach for Discovery of New Drugs - A Bhardwaj

10:30            Combining bioinformatics and experimental approaches to understand "protein sequence to function and disease" relationships - Beena Krishnan

11:15            Tea

11:45            Structure-Toxicity link of protein aggregates in human diseases - A Kumar

13:00            Lunch

14:30            Interactive Session

15:00            Valedictory Function

15:30            Tea