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Nitro-explosives - PETN, RDX, and TNT detection kit

The developed technology makes use of highly specific biorecognition molecules targeted against explosive compounds. It addresses the key gap in current state of the art related to specificity and overcomes this deficiency found in existing devices meant for explosives detection.  The developed method and device therein deals with a new and improved system for detecting nitrate containing compounds that is highly sensitive and accurate, and is capable of quickly determining the presence of nitrate containing explosive compounds in test samples with very high degree of selectivity. The presently developed kit provides a new immunoassay format, and a hand-held optical detection system that is capable of detecting the presence of nitrate containing explosives, mainly nitroamine (RDX), nitrate ester (PETN) and nitro aromatic (TNT) explosives in test samples with high selectivity up to a detection limit of 2.7, 1.2 and 2.3 ppm respectively. The detection system can facilitate real time and on-field detection of nitrate containing explosive compounds. (2017-11031532)


Ammonium Nitrate Test kit

A dual test based on-spot colorimetry method was developed for the detection of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) in samples. The method comprising optical sensing for the presence of ammonium (NH-3) and nitrate (NO-3) ions simultaneously which are measured colorimetry by using modified Griess diazotization reaction to detect nitrite and modified Ninhydrin reagent based method to use for ammonium ions detection. The colorimetric apparatus comprising dual sources (LEDs) of specific wavelengths coupled with individual detector unit, interfaced to digital signal processing module for ammonium nitrate detection. The device is integrated with a heating means for reaction kinetics. The developed hand-held system consists of two light sources (LEDs) of specific wavelengths (525 and 590 nm) for nitrite and ammonium ions respectively. The signals from detectors are coupled and computed to determine the ammonium nitrate concentration in the samples which is displayed on standard LCD screen in the form of ammonium nitrate concentration in PPM. (Patent Filing No.- 689/DEL/2015)


Typhoid Test

Typhoid  is a life threatening infection  caused by the salmonella enterica serovar Typhi and currently emerging  as a major public health problem in developing countries. Diagnosis of Salmonella Typhi  is quite challenging because the symptoms of typhoid fever overlap with a wide range of other diseases. The conventional  methods which include the blood culture and Widal test are considered to be a gold standard test for the diagnosis of typhoid fever. However, these methods often give erroneous results. Therefore the need of an hour is to develop a fast, rapid and sensitive  immunoassay  to detect the S. Typhi infection. By considering all these points our  technology focuses on the invention of hand-held optical system that employs three highly selective biomarkers that include recombinant toxins  and invention based peptides specific to S. Typhi. The developed test is more specific and accurate since it is based on checking (IgM/IgG) response against three biomarkers in typhoid infected patients. Thus the current technology can be use to provide a rapid, sensitive and reliable immunoassay platform for detection of typhoid fever.

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