Focused Research Areas : IT Facilities

Network Management:

The staff in IT Section is taking care of CSIR-IMTECH’s vast Local Area Network comprising of approx. 2500 IP’s.

Services rendered:

  • Authentication based Internet connectivity to 1200+ nodes comprising of 700+ desktops, 150+ Laptops, 350+scanners and printers.
  • Round the clock monitoring of dedicated and redundant leased-line backbone fiber Internet connectivity from different ISPs.
  • Network layout designing, optimized augmentation and new Wi-Fi systems.
  • Internet Wi-Fi roam free connectivity to Mobile/Smartphone devices.
  • Internet connectivity to Student Hostels: 200+ users, Guest House Wi-Fi access.
  • Internet connectivity to PAs - Girls and Boys Hostel, Garage Hostel, Scientist Apartments, Campus Guest House via DSLAM ADSL copper link as well CAT 6 LAN for seamless connectivity.

Servers Administration:

In-house deployed DNS and Anti-Virus servers for smooth functioning of name service for domain names resolution for the IMTECH LAN users, and infection free computers respectively. Centralized Anti-Virus server capable of serving 250 machines on the IMTECH LAN.

Email-ids front-end administration.

IT Section is closely works with NIC team for handling the e-mailing facility at domain. It includes email-id creation, record-keeping, listing, aliasing, renewal, disable/expiry etc. IT Section is also committed of providing user-end support for the email-client configuration at desktops and mobile devices.

Web Server:

In-house deployed configured web server for hosting the CSIR-IMTECH website It includes server installation, configuration, security policies implementation, webpages development, webpage updation as and when required, hits logging and reporting, intrusion detection and prevention etc.

Access Control

IT Deptt is actively maintaining the security and authentication at entrances of CSIR-IMTECH office premise and vital facilities of the institute. Access control based authorization process safeguards the institute’s security interests. It includes:

Presently 36 access based control from different manufactures are operational in the institute. The exhaustive work list encompasses the Registering the biometric information of new users, Renewal/extension of access on request basis, logging and reporting of vast data, backups, and trouble-shooting of access-control devices.

Close Circuit TV for Video Surveillance:

IT Section empowers the security staff by it’s round the clock support to the CCTV surveillance system. There are around 115 analog and IP cameras, 6 DVRs, 1 NVR, 5 desktop computer and 9 PoE switches on 1 G Fiber and 100 Mbps UTP are installed and working in the IMTECH premise.  Providing recording for 1 month for main entrances and vital lab facilities. And provide reports on need basis.

AEBAS - Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System:

IT Section is taking care of 65 AEBAS machines in the institute, comprising of 15 tablet based devices, 47 desktop based devices and 3 Iris based devices. The work involves:

New Aadhaar based registrations, deletion, transfer-in/out, reporting, application installation, device activation, apply application patches, monitor power connectivity to the devices etc.

Video Conferencing Facility

IT Section is actively running the IP based Polycom Video Conferencing Facility in the institute. It includes:

Internet Connectivity Checks, resolution of Call connectivity related issues, and VC call initiation from IMTECH end.

Video and Projection Facilities for Conference, Workshops and Seminars

IT Section is also taking care of Video and Projection Facilities in the institute for the smooth conduct of classroom sessions and presentation events from the eminent guests. There are 15+ projectors and 9 video LED screens are deployed in the institute and are operational with IT team support. IT Section also take care of 15 seat IT class room equipped with latest computers, internet and projection screens for classes, workshops etc.

IT Support

IT Section team is always geared up for attending the complaints launched by IMTECH-LAN users related to Internet connectivity, browser issues, DNS issues, Mailing issues, Network Printers installation, IP allocation under static IP scheme etc.  

Training Programme

IT Section also finds itself engaged in imparting basic network related know-how  to the IMTECH LAN users. IT Section supports technically as well as in terms of manpower to the inhouse training programs at the institute by various national/international companies. IT team also supported actively the skill development programs like Jigyasa, various workshops, symposiums and conferences.


Er. Harvinder Jassal

Head, IT Unit

Principal Scientist

Phone (+91-172-)

Phone (+91-172-) :