Welcome to the CSIR-IMTECH Science Outreach Program (SOP)



The overarching goal of our program is to contribute to nurturing the culture of scientific thinking in children at the school level and in the general public at large. We organize activities for school children, teachers and general public that will increase their interest, and understanding of the scientific world.

In order to inspire and motivate the youth to develop scientific thinking, CSIR-IMTECH has also adopted the "catch them young" motto. We have initiated a major program on providing school students with first-hand research experience. We strongly believe that such a program will ignite young minds about scientific research, and inculcate the spirit of scientific thinking in them.We started a summer program on providing school students with first-hand research experience in 2015 and named this program “Jigyasa”. Subsequently, as per the mandate given to the scientific community by the Government of India in 2017, CSIR initiated a program to make its laboratories more accessible to school children to promote science in the neighborhood schools under the same program name “Jigyasa”. An MOU was signed between CSIR and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan on the 6th of July 2017 with a goal to work together to “harness young minds towards scientific thinking and inculcating creativity… for betterment of the society.”

Currently, we are engaging students and teachers from Kendriya Vidyalayas from the Chandigarh region under this “Jigyasa” programme.

Our program encompasses

  • Scientists from CSIR-IMTECH visiting aforementioned schools to deliver popular science lectures
  • Teacher training programs to assist teachers with carrying out scientific experiments related to the school curriculum
  • Visit to CSIR-IMTECH and institutional tour for school children
  • Summer program for school children to have a hands-on experience of scientific research

Funded by: CSIR-Govt. of India
Sponsors: Sponsors may please contact us.

Popularizing Science

Scientific talks and discussions with added emphasis on Indian Science and scientists is an approach that we are adopting to popularize science in our community. CSIR-IMTECH scientists offer popular science lectures at colleges and schools in an effort to engage students at an early age into understanding the significance of science and technology in society. 

As part of Jigyasa, we also arrange for visits of school students to CSIR-IMTECH and offer them tours of the institutional facilities. 

School Adoption Program

Faculty Training and motivation & Adoption of a School

Under the “faculty training and motivation & adoption of schools and colleges by CSIR Labs. program” initiated by CSIR in 2017, the Government Model High School, Sector 38 West at Chandigarh is adopted by CSIR-IMTECH for this year. The activities that we will undertake will be focused on students studying in classes VIII to X. We plan to engage students at two levels; for all students in activity like popular Science lecture and open day event and about 50 students will be selected for additional support in terms of providing more intense training. A few of the activities that we will attempt to carry out under this program are:

a. Provide academic support by involving in delivering lectures/class room teaching by an IMTECH faculty/staff

b. School students visiting IMTECH facilities (open day activity)

c. A hands-on research experience, “Jigyasa”, for selected students of the school

d. IMTECH sponsored scholarship for outstanding students

e. Creating or contributing to facilities such as a library and computer room at the school

f. Faculty / teachers training program


Funded by: CSIR-Govt. of India

IMTECH School Adoption Activity team for 2017-18

Coordinator: Dr. Beena Krishnan, Senior Scientist

Members: Dr. Ashwani Kumar - Senior Scientist; Mr. Deepak Bhatt - Technical Officer [Gr III (3)]; Mr. Digvijay Singh Naruka - Technical Officer [Gr III (3)]; Ms. Chetna - Technical Assistant [Gr III (2)]; Mr. Hariom Kushwaha - Technical Assistant [Gr III (2)]

Contact Us

  • Dr. Sanjeev Khosla (Director)
  • Mr. Chander Shekhar Sharma (Programme Coordinator)
  • Dr. Anshu Bhardwaj
  • Dr. Vemuluri Venkata Ramana 
  • Dr. Nithya Vadakedath
  • Dr Alka Rao
For more details please contact us:
Coordinator, Jigyasa, CSIR-IMTECH
Phone No: 0172-2880457
Mob: 8696679611
E-mail: shekhar@imtech.res.in