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Fungal Classification and Systematics, Fungal Diversity, Fungal Bioprospecting, Phylogenetic analysis and Thraustochytrids. .


Fungi, despite their wide-ranging impact on health and ecosystems, remain understudied compared to other microorganisms. The vast fungal kingdom holds immense diversity, but only a tiny fraction has been identified. Out of the estimated 2.2–3.8 million possible fungal species, a mere 151,381 have undergone comprehensive characterization. This limited knowledge hampers the discovery and exploitation of fungis economic potential. The multifaceted nature of fungi, encompassing both advantageous and detrimental aspects, contributes to their captivating nature. Our lab focuses on discovering novel fungal species in various habitats to understand their ecological roles and aid conservation. We also engage in fungal bioprospecting, meticulously evaluating antimicrobial compounds, fatty acids, and fungal enzymes to harness their potential applications in agriculture and biotechnology.

Major Publications

  • Devadatha, B., Jones, E. G., Wanasinghe, D. N., Bahkali, A. H., & Hyde, K. D. (2023). Characterization of novel estuarine Ascomycota based on taxonomic and phylogenetic evaluation. Botanica Marina, vol. 66, no. 4, 281-300.
  • Devadatha, B., Jones, E. B. G., Pang, K. L., Abdel-Wahab, M. A., Hyde, K. D., Sakayaroj, J.,Bahkali, A.H., Calabon, M.S., Sarma, V.V., Sutreong, S. & Zhang, S. N. (2021). Occurrence and geographical distribution of mangrove fungi. Fungal Diversity, 106, 137-227.
  • Devadatha, B, Sarma, V. V, Ariyawansa, H. A, & Jones, EBG (2018). Deniquelata vittalii sp nov., a novel Indian saprobic marine fungus on Suaeda monoica and two new records of marine fungi from Muthupet mangroves, East coast of India. Mycosphere, 9(3), 565-582. Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/9/3/8
  • Devadatha, B., Sarma, V. V., Jeewon, R., Wanasinghe, D. N., Hyde, K. D., & Gareth Jones, E. B. (2018). Thyridariella, a novel marine fungal genus from India: morphological characterization and phylogeny inferred from multigene DNA sequence analyses. Mycological progress, 17, 791-804.
  •  Parasuraman, P., Devadatha, B., Sarma, V. V., Ranganathan, S., Ampasala, D. R., & Siddhardha, B. (2020). Anti-quorum sensing and antibiofilm activities of Blastobotrys parvus PPR3 against Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1. Microbial Pathogenesis, 138, 103811.