Chief Scientist:

Dr. Pawan Gupta



Contact Address

Room No. 201, Floor 2, Lab Molecular Biology, Mobile (9317703783)


Nuclear Receptors, Molecular Immunology, Cell Biology, Infectious Disease, Protein Science


Molecular Immunology: We are using mice models of autoimmunity, allergy and inflammatory diseases to study differential expression and function of nuclear receptor in plasticity, polarization and activation of T cell, B cell, DCs and macrophage. 

Metabolic Diseases: Molecular circuitry of neuron function, cancer biology, anaemia and sepsis at the level of transcription factors.

Host-Pathogen Interaction: We are investigating host lipid sensing nuclear receptor and pathogen lipids, contributing towards Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis or clearance. 

Switchable Therapeutics: Oral/bronchial protein vehicle from bromelain. Next generation switchable recombinant erythropoietin.

Major Publications

  • Nanduri, R., Kalra, R., Bhagyaraj, E., Chacko, A.P., Ahuja, N., Tiwari, D., Kumar, S., Jain, M., Parkesh, R., and Gupta, P. (2019) AutophagySMDB: a curated database of small molecules that modulate protein targets regulating autophagy. Autophagy 15, 1280-1295.
  • Chandra, V., Bhagyaraj, E., Nanduri, R., Ahuja, N., and Gupta, P. (2015) NR1D1 ameliorates Mycobacterium tuberculosis clearance through regulation of autophagy. Autophagy 11, 1987-1997
  • Kalra, R., Bhagyaraj, E., Tiwari, D., Nanduri, R., Chacko, A.P., Jain, M., Mahajan, S., Khatri, N., and Gupta, P. (2018) AIRE promotes androgen-independent prostate cancer by directly regulating IL-6 and modulating tumor microenvironment. Oncogenesis 7, 43.
  • Bhagyaraj, E., Tiwari, D., Ahuja, N., Nanduri, R., Saini, A., Kalra, R., Kumar, S., Janmeja, A.K., and Gupta, P. (2018) A human xenobiotic nuclear receptor contributes to nonresponsiveness of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to the antituberculosis drug rifampicin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 293, 3747-3757
  • Bhagyaraj, E., Nanduri, R., Saini, A., Dkhar, H. K., Ahuja, N., Chandra, V., Mahajan, S., Kalra, R., Tiwari, D., Sharma, C., Janmeja, A. K., and Gupta, P. (2016) Human Xenobiotic Nuclear Receptor PXR Augments Mycobacterium tuberculosis Survival. J Immunol 197, 244-255