Senior Principal Scientist :

Dr. Ramya T.N.C



Contact Address

Room No. 302A, Third Floor,
Molecular Glycobiology Lab,
Main Building


Glycan-binding proteins, glycosyltransferases and glycoconjugates.


The broad research interests of our group are in the interface of glycobiology and molecular biology. Past and ongoing research projects include understanding the ligand binding specificity of intelectins, understanding the glycan-binding specificity and targeting functions of microbial F-type lectin domains, exploring the taxonomic diversity and carbohydrate-active proteins of the human gut microbiome in Indian individuals with different dietary habits from different geographic regions, biochemical studies on microbial flagellin O-glycosyltransferases and alginate lyases, and, expression and characterization of sialyltransferases for the synthesis of medically relevant oligosaccharides.

Major Publications

  • Khairnar S, Sharma S, Bishnoi R, and Ramya TNC. Effect of naturally occurring variations of the F‐type lectin sequence motif on glycan binding: studies on F‐type lectin domains with typical and atypical sequence motifs. IUBMB Life 2019; 71(3):385-397 (Selected by Editor as issue highlight).
  • Mahajan S and Ramya TNC. F-type lectin domains: Provenance, prevalence, properties, peculiarities, and potential. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 2018; 1112:345-363.
  • Mahajan S and Ramya TNC. Nature-inspired engineering of an F-type lectin for increased binding strength. Glycobiology 2018; 28(12): 933-948.
  • Bishnoi R, Mahajan S, and Ramya TNC. An F-type lectin domain directs the activity of Streptosporangium roseum alpha-L-fucosidase. Glycobiology 2018; 28(11):860-875.  
  • Sharma S, Ramya TNC. Saccharide binding by intelectins. Int J Biol Macromol 2018; 108:1010-1016.
  • Mahajan S, Khairnar A, Bishnoi R, Ramya TNC. Microbial F-type lectin domains with affinity for blood group antigens. BBRC 2017;491(3):708:713.
  • Khatri I, Sharma S, Ramya TNC, Subramanian S. Complete genomes of Bacillus coagulans S-ac and Bacillus subtilis TO-A JPC, two phylogenetically distinct probiotics. PloS one 2016;11(6):e0156745
  • Kaur RM, Ramya TNC, Chhibber M. Enhancement in the solubility of triclosan with Triton X-100 without affecting its antibacterial activity in Escherichia coli. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 2015; 19(11):14-21. 
  • Bishnoi R, Khatri I, Subramanian S., Ramya TNC. Prevalence of the F-type lectin domain. Glycobiology 2015; 25(8):888-901.
  • Khatri I, Akhtar A, Kaur K, Tomar R, Prasad GS, Ramya TNC, Subramanian S. Gleaning evolutionary insights from the genome sequence of a probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii. Gut Pathog 2013; 5(1), 30. 

Lab Members